Haechan (NCT) - Good Person Lyrics (English Translation)

Good Person (좋은 사람)

Haechan (해찬) Of NCT

Haechan Good Person


Haechan Good Person Lyrics. Good Person (좋은 사람) Song Sung By Korean Artist Haechan (해찬) Of NCT On Ply Friends: Seoyeon University Class of '22 OST Part 1 (플렌즈 서연대 22학번 편 OST Part 1). Haechan Good Person Is Korean Pop OST Song. Haechan Good Person Korean, Romanized And English Lyrics. 


Song : Good Person (좋은 사람)
Artist : Haechan (해찬) Of NCT
Album : Ply Friends: Seoyeon University Class of '22 OST Part 1 (플렌즈 서연대 22학번 편 OST Part 1)
Genre : K-Pop, OST
Language : Korean
Release Date : 2022.03.05


오늘은 무슨일 인거니
울었던 얼굴 같은걸
그가 너의 마음을 아프게 했니
나에겐 세상 젤 소중한 너인데

자판기 커피를 내밀어
그속에 감춰온 내 맘을 담아
고마워 오빤 너무 좋은 사람이야
그 한마디에 난 웃을뿐

혹시 넌 기억하고 있을까
내 친구 학교 앞에 놀러왔던 날
우리들 연인같다 장난쳤을때
넌 웃었고 난 밤 지새웠지

니가 웃으면 나도 좋아
넌 장난이라 해도
널 기다렸던 날 널 보고 싶던 밤
내겐 벅찬 행복 가득한데

나는 혼자여도 괜찮아
널 볼수만 있다면
늘 너의 뒤에서 늘 널 바라보는
그게 내가 가진 몫인것만 같아

친구들 지겹다 말하지
늘 같은 노랠 부르는 나에게
하지만 그게 바로 내 마음인걸
그대 먼곳만 보네요

혹시 넌 그날 내맘을 알까
우리들 아는 친구 모두 모인밤
술취한 널 데리러 온 그를 내게
인사시켰던 나의 생일 날

니가 좋으면 나도 좋아
니 옆에 그를 보며
나완 너무 다른 난 초라해지는
그에게 널 부탁한다는 말 밖에

널 울리는 사람과
위로 밖에 못하는


oneureun museunil ingeoni
ureotdeon eolgul gateungeol
geuga neoui maeumeul apeuge haenni
naegen sesang jel sojunghan neoinde

japangi keopireul naemireo
geusoge gamchwoon nae mameul dama
gomawo oppan neomu joeun saramiya
geu hanmadie nan useulppun

hoksi neon gieokago isseulkka
nae chingu hakgyo ape nolleowatdeon nal
urideul yeoningatda jangnanchyeosseulttae
neon useotgo nan bam jisaewotji

niga useumyeon nado joa
neon jangnanira haedo
neol gidaryeotdeon nal neol bogo sipdeon bam
naegen beokchan haengbok gadeukande

naneun honjayeodo gwaenchana
neol bolsuman itdamyeon
neul neoui dwieseo neul neol baraboneun
geuge naega gajin moksingeonman gata

chingudeul jigyeopda malhaji
neul gateun norael bureuneun naege
hajiman geuge baro nae maeumingeol
geudae meongonman boneyo

hoksi neon geunal naemameul alkka
urideul aneun chingu modu moinbam
sulchwihan neol derireo on geureul naege
insasikyeotdeon naui saengil nal

niga joeumyeon nado joa
ni yeope geureul bomyeo
nawan neomu dareun nan chorahaejineun
geuege neol butakandaneun mal bakke

neol ullineun saramgwa
wiro bakke mothaneun


What's going on today
Your face looks like you were crying
Did he break your heart?
You are the most precious thing in the world to me

Giving you the coffee from the vending machine
I put my heart hidden in it
"Thank you, you are such a nice person"
I can only smile at those words

Do you remember that maybe?
The day we hung out in front of my friend's school
When he joked around that we looked like we are lovers
You laughed while I stayed up all night

Whеn you smile, I like it too
Even whеn you say it's just joking
My days are spent waiting for you, my nights are longing for you
But I am full of overwhelming happiness

I'm okay with being alone
As long as I can see you
Always looking at you from behind
I guess that's all I can do

My friends say they are tired of me
For always singing the same song
But that's my sincere heart
When you only look far away

Do you perhaps know how I felt that day?
The night where all of our friends gathered
You were drunk and he came to pick you up
You introduced me to that guy on my birthday

If you are happy, I am happy too
As I look at him next to you
He is so different from me, I’m shabby in front of him
All I can ask him is to take care of you

That person who will make you cry
I can only comfort you


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